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Personal Finance Survey
Use the drop down arrow to select the response that best relates to your current situation.
What is your gender?
What is your age?
Where do you currently live?
Please estimate your annual household income ( US dollars).
Which of the following best describes your occupation?
What is your marital status?
Describe your current financial situation.
How would you characterize your current financial situation?
How much more income would you need to be "financially secure"?
How much more income would you need to be "happy"?
What action on your part do you believe would most help to improve your current financial situation? 
For each of the following statements, use the criteria listed that best describes your current financial situation.
Strongly Agree Agree Unsure Disagree Strongly Disagree
I live a comfortable life now with ample income
I have adequate opportunity to become financially sound and secure
I am dependant upon others for my personal needs
I am able to pay all of my bills on time
I have a good credit history
I have always struggled financially
  Strongly Agree Agree Unsure Disagree Strongly Disagree
My knowledge/ability is very limited regarding handling my personal finances
I invest in the stock market
I invest in a 401K or other self-managed retirement portfolio
I am happy with my current financial situation
My financial future looks brighter
What types of investments make up your personal portfolio? (choose all that apply)
I have no investments Company Retirement
Self Managed Retirement (e.g. 401K) Stocks
Bonds Mutual Funds
Savings CD
Insurance Investments Real Estate Investments

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