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Men vs. Women Survey  



What is your gender?
What is your age?
Where do you currently live?

For each of the following statements choose the option that most closely relates to your own feeling.

Strongly disagree Disagree Uncertain Agree Strongly agree
Men should be the decision maker in any relationship?
Women need to be more present and active in our country's and company's top leadership roles?
Women should be equal to men in all aspects?
Men overall just want women for sex?
Women overall just want men for security?
Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus?
We should go back to the roles men and women had 50 years ago, where Men worked and Women stayed home to raise the family?
The Women's movement has resulted in more harm than good?
Women deserve equal pay for equal work?
The traditional concept of marriage needs to change to reflect a more '90's or modern set of beliefs?
For women only....I hate men!
For men only....I hate women!
Men and women can get along very well?
Both sides need to better understand the other gender?
For women only....We need to band together to continue and overcome the discrimination we face today?
For men only....We need to band together to maintain our role as it has been?
The 50% plus divorce rate is proof that man & woman relationships cannot work?
Relationships overall are better today than they were 50 years ago?
I am confused more than ever about my role in relationships today?
If there is a such thing as a next life, I would like to come back as the opposite sex?
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