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Survey on Religion

Use the drop down arrow to select the response that best relates to your current situation.

What is your gender?
What is your age?
Where do you currently live?
Please estimate your annual household income ( US dollars).
Which of the following best describes your occupation?
What is your marital status?
Do you consider yourself to be a religious person?
Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person?
Do you belong to an organized religious or spiritual group?
Do you share the same religious beliefs as your parents?
How would you describe the trend over the past 20 years regarding organized religion?
Do you believe that ONLY  your religion's beliefs are RIGHT?
Have you researched other belief systems?
What brought you to your current set of beliefs?
Do you believe in a greater being more powerful than ourselves that is responsible for us being in existence?
Does the basis of your beliefs relate to some type of written scripture?
For each of the following statements, use the criteria listed that best describes your current views towards Religion
Strongly Agree Agree Unsure Disagree Strongly Disagree
There is only one Right set of beliefs
I believe in Heaven and Hell
I will go to Hell if I go against the teachings of my organized religion
I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious
My beliefs relate to a more metaphysical basis
It is important to influence others to share my set of beliefs
My God or Greater Being judges me
I practice my set of beliefs in all that I do
I practice my faith on at least a weekly basis
I share with others my set of beliefs
The best I can be is to demonstrate Love in all that I do
I use prayers to communicate in my faith
I will experiment with other belief systems
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