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Save The Headaches of Developing Paper Based Surveys and Make Taking a Survey Fun!!!
STEP 1. Design Your Survey

Let us develop and host your market research, customer/employee satisfaction, or other surveys. We will place your survey on a unique web page so that all you will need to do is to inform your targeted audience to access this site.

We can customize your survey by adding your graphics, pictures, audio or movie files. 

STEP 2. Take The Survey

Users will take the survey once you notify them of the web page address. You can accomplish this by sending them e-mail with a link to this web page or include the address in your advertising or other communications. 

You can choose whether or not you would like your survey responders to view the results instantly or simply to enter their data only. A customized Thank You note can be displayed or sent to the respondents via e-mail. We caution the latter since this may be perceived as voiding the anonymity of their responses.

STEP 3. Tally The Results

We will complete the process by providing you with the data in .asc format so that you can analyze it in Microsoft Excel, Access or other software.

Customized reports can be made available upon request.

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